MAT266 Calculus for Engineers II

Lecture Notes

This is an online course. See the course Blackboard page for individual topics and video lectures covered each week. Homework questions and similar discussions should be relegated to the course Piazza page.
Here is PDF of all notes from a previous semester of MAT 266.


All homework will be assigned and collected online through WeBWorK. Please do note the due dates - this is an accelerated course and there will not be extensions.

Exam Reviews

Here is a list of exam review problems (and solutions) for the course. The syllabus contains the breakdown of the sections covered on each exam.

Office Hours

Office: WXLR Tower 434

My official office hours are listed below.

Tuesday 4:00pm - 5:30p Room WXLR A303
Thursday 4:00p - 5:30p Room WXLR A303

If you cannot make those, I am available by appointment (in my office) and by email.