Summer 2018 Graduate Student Seminar

Meeting Tuesdays at 12:00pm in room WXLR A202.

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08/28 Dylan Weber

In this talk we consider two agent-based models of opinion formation on networks; one stochastic in nature and one deterministic. Both carry assumptions of local consensus, i.e. when agents interact they "agree". We investigate global consensus in both models and compare features of both models. In both cases we find that convergence to a consensus is determined by the structure of the network on which the agents interact and provide a condition on the network structure equivalent to unconditional convergence to a consensus in both the stochastic and deterministic case. This similarity is explained as a mathematical link between the models is exposed. Finally, we discuss some preliminary thoughts on how results from these models could be leveraged to answer questions concerning consensus in more complex models.


09/11 David Polletta

In this talk I will discuss how all Hyperbolic Groups have a solvable word problem and can be given a finite group presentation. The main points of the argument deal with showing Hyperbolic Groups can be given a so called "Dehn Presentation", and that groups with a Dehn Presentation have a solvable word problem and are finitely presented. We will also review Cayley Graphs for finitely generated groups, delta-hyperbolic metric spaces, and the definition of a hyperbolic group.


09/25 Joseph Wells

Abstract TBD



10/23 Mary Cook

Abstract TBD

10/30 Lauren Crider

Abstract TBD

11/06 Scott Jones

Abstract TBD


11/20 David Polletta*

Abstract TBD


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