Curriculum Vitae

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Publications and Preprints

  1. Non-arithmetic hybrid lattices in PU(2,1). In review. May 2019. (PDF) (arχiv)
  2. (with J. Paupert) Hybrid lattices and thin subgroups of Picard modular groups. In review. May 2018. (PDF) (arχiv)
  3. (with M. Cook, K. Cameron, B. Robinson) Fisher-Rao distances on the covariance cone. Preprint. March 2018. (PDF)
  4. Hybrid subgroups of complex hyperbolic isometries. PhD Thesis. May 2019. (PDF)

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Open questions

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Some Past Talks

  1. The Hairy Ball Theorem. April 2014. (PDF)
  2. Mapping class groups and classifying surface automorphisms. November 2015. (PDF)
  3. A short introduction to Artin groups. April 2017. (PDF)
  4. Hybrid subgroups of complex hyperbolic isometries. January 2019. (PDF)

Research Interests

Currently, my research is focused around discrete subgroups of complex hyperbolic isometries, and in particular lattices (both arithmetic and non-). I'm interested in finding techniques analogous to "hybridization" (a process produced by Gromov and Piatetski-Shapiro for real hyperbolic lattices) to allow for the construction of new commensurability classes of lattices in PU(n,1).

Animations I've Made

A picture explaining the universal cover of the 2-sphere with a diameter: