Curriculum Vitae

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Animations I've Made

A picture explaining the universal cover of the 2-sphere with a diameter:

Research Interests

Hyperbolic geometry (particularly complex), algebraic toplogy, low-dimensional topology, geometric group theory

Currently, my research is focused on examining the structure of discrete subgroups of SU(2,1) by way of the action on complex hyperbolic 2-space.

Past Works

• (2016-06-10) Conference Talk: A geometric construction of thin subgroups in SU(2,1)
• (2016-04-15) Seminar Lecture: A geometric construction of thin subgroups in a noncompact arithmetic lattice
• (2015-11-13) Seminar Lecture: Mapping class groups and surface automorphisms
• (2014-11-17) Poster: Exploring lattices in complex hyperbolic space
• (2014-05-01) On finite presentation of hyperbolic groups
• (2014-04-16) Seminar Lecture: The hairy ball theorem